Halloween Steam Sale

Hi All,

Hope it’s okay to post this here. I recently added all of our favourite sims to my Steam wishlist and as of today, they are all on sale for Halloween.

Aerofly FS2 - 50% off
X-Plane 11 - 42% off
DCS Huey and Huey Worlds Apart - 50% off

The only heli “sim” games I currently own are Arma 3 and TakeOn Helicopters which I have been playing for the last couple of weeks. These are both on deep discounts as well if anyone is interested.

Which of the above should I get next (or should I make a plan and get all 3)?

All 3 are worth it, IMO. Aerofly FS2, despite the bit sterile scenery environment, has the best helicopter out there, IMO.

Good to know. I just bought Aerofly and X-Plane 11. Going to skip DCS for now because it’s quite expensive for the limited scenery and options. Maybe when I get more advanced I’ll buy it at the next sale.

I’m hoping to go for my heli PPL next year so I’m going to enjoy flying and learning about the R22 in Aerofly in the meantime.

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