H145 for P3D

Hi all,

I recall an article on here a while back on development of a H145 for P3D which was on hold due release of P3Dv5, any news of this?


If this is regarding DH Simulations, I was also thinking what’s going on…

I dropped them a message the other day asking for an update and they said, "The project is fully in development. For specific commercial requests we had to push all capacity into this market, for sure the civil consumer version will be released this year. For several engines."

And then "unfortunately this site isn’t up to date as we concentrate us on product development/customer communication. I will keep this topic to the update list and maybe for April/May FB Page will get an update."

Apparently PBR P3Dv5 and the external flight engine is taking some time. I hope this helps you!


I was actually talking about this particular article on the helisimmer.com page for the H145 no the 135.

Althugh I too was wondering with the DH Sims 135…probs won’t ever get to see that I reckon.

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