Greetings everyone

Hello Everyone,

Figure as I have just joined it’s polite to introduce myself here.

I’m a long time computer simmer, since Bruce Artwick started the story and Sublogic released the first PC version. In fact I have tried pretty much everything that has been along since.

Currently my main sim is P3D 4.5 which has been the culmination of the product for eye candy and complexity to date. I have flirted with X-Plane over the years and have never really got on with it though I understand the helicopter model is superior.

I have pre-ordered FS2020 and am really looking forward to see what that brings to the party. Real shame helicopters are not modeled in the initial release and I have seen the comments that they will be ‘properly’ included later.

Real world helicopter experience:

  • I dipped my toe in a lesson on an R22 a few years ago around the same time I was building some fixed wing hours.
  • I have had a ride in the left seat of an Westland WG30 and got to play with the hat switch on the AFCS.
  • I have also had a few jump seat rides in the AS332 variants.
  • I had a period crewing/loading the back of the Sikorsky S61 for offshore in field shuttle operations.
  • I actually moved house once (in my younger days when possessions were few) in the back of an S61.

Looking forward to being part of the community here. Pleased to see discourse is used too, I’m an admin of it on our car club forum and it’s a great tool.


Hi IanH,

As a reviewer/newposter for the Dutch website i can only say, ‘‘welcome on board of flight, Enjoy your flight!’’. :wink:



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Thanks Matthias for the welcome!

You are very…Welcome! :wink::+1: