"Gooseneck" Cyclic Extension


Since DCS received the AH-64D I’ve been flying it daily. My ex- Hornet setup started receiving modifications to allow for a more precise helicopter flying but one of them is still missing. I really need a nice 20cm “gooseneck” cyclic extension that will bring the grip roughly 7cm closer to my body. Currently I’m using this one (VIRPIL EU - VPC Flightstick Extension - 200mm) but the curve is not enough. I need 7cm more on top of this.
Any chance you pointed me in the right direction? Most of the gear you are using is custom made but I’m hoping there are retailers out there that also sell such elements. I’d really appreciate your help.

Thanks - Belphe

Saw someone uses the Z-extension from virpil (alone with a straight extension underneath perhaps) to bring the stick closer.

here is an example: Show us your cockpit! - Page 13 - Hardware, Software and Controllers - IL-2 Sturmovik Forum (il2sturmovik.com)