Gazelle not flyable

Just re-loaded DCS after some PC upgrades, and I’m finding that the Gazelle is only available as AI, not a piloted aircraft. am I missing something?

It’s pilotable.
Have you bought the mod?
There is currently a free month of all DCS mods so you should be able to try it, if you install it. (although it ends soon)
You can do this via the DLC manager in the main menu. (Top of the screen, icon is 9 squares like a rubik’s cube)

Are you using standalone or steam?
I know that when I purchased my Gazelle mod I did it through steam and had to follow their guide on applying the steam license in standalone DCS.

Free-for-all month is mainly on DCS stand-alone. Steam doesn’t offer as much free, I think that excludes the Gazelle among others.

This sounds like a licence issue. If it’s Steam edition you may have used-up the 10 activations, in which case open a ticket with ED support, it should be re-validated once you provide them the original DRM code.

If it’s standalone DCS, go to the module manager at the main menu & deactivate/delete the module, restart your PC, restart DCS & download the module again. Enter the DRM code when prompted, that should sort it.

I’ve had the Gazelle since it’s release, it’s only just become not available for me to use in the game. usually after a reinstall, all of my purchased modules are shown and i can click on the ones i want to install. this isn’t happening. everything i own has shown up except for the gazelle. It’s there, along with my custom liveries, but it’s not available for use as a piloted aircraft for some reason.


Looks like during my reinstall, my AV flagged it and quarantined the .dll.

Good to hear you resolved it simply.