G.G.S. Helicopters offers a complete experience in the FS Economy universe

FS Economy is fun. This free system has been around for a few years and it has amassed a great number of virtual pilots around it. Mostly, obviously, fixed-wing pilots.

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Awesome I am going to try and get up to speed with this. Here’s where they get ya, though :wink:

Oh yeah. Fortunately that’s pretty “standard” for most scenery you get for X-Plane. I found out I had all of them already.

Hi! I signed up FSEconomy after reading this, but i am not finding G.G.S. Helicopters. Any pointers? Thanks.

Hi, thanks a lot Sergio, for posting this article about our little helicopter venture in FSEconomy :slight_smile:

@xpcyl8 : When you have got an FSEconomy account, the last hyperlink in the article above:

’ Find their group at FS Economy and say hi to them on the FS Economy forums

leads to our advertising thread in FSE.

For a more casual approach, you can also join our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/cchAFgv

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