Fuselage fasteners color

Hi, I would like to change the color of these fuselage rectangular fasteners from metallic to the same color as the main paint color. Can you point me to the location of the correct object files or normals? I’m not seeing them upon looking through the images in the object or livery folders.

Check the part of the paint kit marked, “#1 Detail Layers,” the second one down is marked, “LATCH copy,”. That’s where you’ll find the part you’re looking for.


Dennis is correct about the 6 in the center. They are right on the fuselage. For the rest of them, they are where you see the white mesh in the image here. The nav lights share the same metallic space with the clips themselves so they would have to be changed as well. You would have to change the color of that entire grey area with the red and green circles. The rivets on the clips are the mesh in the lower portion that is darker. This is all in the FUSE object, textures and maps.

Hope that helps!


OK, thanks guys!

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