FS2020 PopOut GPS for B206

Are there any plans to implement PopOuts for Garmins?

Really enjoying the model, but it would be great to be able to pop out the Navs.
I use AirManager for an instrument panel and it works great, but it would be great to add GPS to the panel.

Keep up the great work, thanks and a Happy New Year…

Is that something that other MSFS aircraft have?


Fly inside heli has pop out Garmin, as does most models now in FS2020.

Other panels can be pop outs as well like the warnings panel and any navcom.

I am including pop outs from A320 screen shot.

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Ok I was not sure. I will look into that. Thanks!

I really enjoy your Jet Ranger.
I fly a 4 screen setup and use the lower middle as an instrument screen running pop outs and AirManager instruments.
Most of your instruments work with AirManager instruments, this makes it easier to fly in my opinion.
You definitely have the best looking Jet Ranger in FS2020. Great job…

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Thank you!! :slight_smile: