Fs2020 helicopters

Maybe closer than expected.

I am following these efforts with great interest but I’m not into these flight dynamics. We have yet to see these helicopters behaving as such.

A first brew is out on Flightsim.to along with a paint kit so we can get ahead with liveries. Even if the model is far from anything resembling a helicopter ,you got to give these guys credit for such an effort.

With any luck, maybe this kind of project, and the high level of interest shown, might get MS/Asobo to move a little quicker on helis? Wishful thinking maybe…

Good to see someone giving it a crack though!

I don’t think it will make any difference to Asobo. They already have the roadmap set up and announced helicopters to be out in 2022, which means they don’t have a lot of time to work on it. It’s not like they will do it in 1 month but they are going to hold on for 11 months.

This will take them several months to do properly.

Think of it as Rockstar did Red Dead Redemption, they do what they feel will bring in the most money, ( consoles ), and then tell Heli people, ( PCs), whatever so they will shut up. I mean really, 2 years until helicopters? You know they have the money and resources to do Helis and yes, I know it is more resource and time consuming. It just feels like they snubbed us, at least to me.