Force trim

now i’ve sorted out that problem with the rotor brake, i’m really enjoying the 222 - i think it’s one of my favourite helicopters, especially for the price!

i’ve got one feature request though, which is about the force trim. at the moment, you press the trim button, hold it, then move the stick back to neutral before releasing it. i use a joystick which is quite sensitive and has no deadzone, so centering it precisely while holding the trim button is very tricky, and if i’m even a bit off, the stick will move a little bit when i relax my grip and it’ll be out of trim again.

in the DCS Huey, trim works a bit differently: you press and release the trim button to set the trim, then move the stick back to center (or just let go of it and let it self-center), and the sim ignores all stick input until it detects the stick is centered. i find this a lot easier to use because i can let the stick center itself.

i don’t know if it’s possible to do it this way in X-Plane, but if it is, i’d love an option to have trim work like this.


@Wasteland I hear what you’re saying. But, changing this now would be a bad move for me as every other customer will think it’s broken and message me. And for 1 that likes the new method 10 will not. FlyAgi offered their force trim code to use in the 222s. I’m sorry but this is going to have to stay the way they engineered it.



In addition, that wouldn’t work for those without a self-centering stick, as finding the “center” is complete guesswork without a spring or detent to help

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@lonespace that is very true as well. :slight_smile:

Okay, I’m a bit late but:

The logic in the 222 works basically the same, the only difference is that you have to hold the button until the stick is centered - the stick in fact is centering itself.

  1. Press (and hold) the force trim button
  2. Move the stick to the center
  3. Release the force trim button

I made it this way because this is what I have seen in the Dreamfoil Bell 407 and this worked very good there. Further, as the Bell 407 is a very popular helicopter I thought it might be a good idea to use the same method so the users can easily adapt from one helicopter to the other.



I prefer this method, as it isn’t reliant on your stick being able to find center repeatedly

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I think there is not much real difference in the end, it’s just holding the button or pressing the button - or do I miss something?

With the press-and-hold method, you don’t have to return to center - you can make small adjustments without having to completely recenter each time. Also it allows you to “uncenter”

Oh… well… I was not aware this has any positive side-effects.


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