FMOD sounds are amazing! (Bonus bug reports)

Loving the FMOD sounds! It really gives an “alive” sort of feel to the 222, almost like the systems are much deeper than just the cockpit controls. When turning on the prime pumps, it feels like there’s actually an electric pump somewhere in the engine compartment that’s chugging away :grin:

Bug reports:
-While the engine/rotor noises do respond to opening the windows and doors, they don’t respond to removing the doors altogether
-Hydraulic system 2 never seems to pressurize or come up to temp on either the gauge or in the custom datarefs

Feature request:
-Remember the settings from the clipboard between flights. I.e. if I don’t want the tablet, I’d like to not have to remove it at each load up

I love how well the 222 is coming along. Thanks for helping keep XP11 the best helicopter sim on the market :grin:

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Thank you very much!!! The hard work is paying off.

Wow, I totally spaced the sounds with doors removed. I didn’t even think about it! Good call!

I was sure I had the hydraulic systems working fine. I am going to look at this right now. It’s possible I messed up the UT or B since it’s double the work and things get confusing that way. I have some more thoughts for those systems and realism coding too. So I will get right on that.

The persistence file is definitely planned. I have to learn how to write that code but Joe Kipfer is GREAT and teaching that stuff. It will be first thing after figuring out the hydraulic issue and an issue with the course pointer while in GPS mode. Not sure what the issue is exactly as I forgot to check it and only one person, that I know of, is having the issue so far.

I’m glad you’re liking the helis!

Have a good one,


@lonespace I double checked both the B and UT for the hydraulic issue explained. They are both working fine and I cannot replicate the gauges or datarefs not reading. Could you double check on your machine as well?

I’ll do some troubleshooting and get back to you

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After so many comments and messages I decided to make a plugin to resolve our VR head position issues. I have it written and done so it will be in the next update. You will be able to go to the clipboard and click on a selection that will instantly set your preferred position. It writes to the vrconfig file so that when you restart a flight then you will forever be in that spot unless you change it.


Will the preferences also stay set for those of us who don’t use VR? I can’t really afford a VR system right now and just have a crazy huge monitor for my computer for all my flying needs. I can’t remember what size it is, but it’s bigger than my first TV set.
Love the new sounds by the way. You can almost hear the fuel catching when you start the engines. There’s a little, “woof,” just before they light up.
I’m going to have to really tweak my repaint so every single pixel is perfect now. Gotta have a great repaint to match a great helicopter. Hoping to upload the updated repaint before Christmas. Maybe someday I’ll get to see it used in a YouTube video, but it’ll have to be perfect for that. Happy Holidays from the home of Champlain Valley Air.

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Using the “ctrl” + hitting any number pad key will set your preferred view and save that to your prefs file by default. The VR head position is for the VR config file only. As far as persistence file goes, that will be for both 2D and VR. All of the settings you choose will be saved and still set on your next flight. Both of those are done and ready for the next update but I’m changing a lot of manipulators over to commands so you can map more things to you hardware.

Thank you for the compliments and glad you noticed the woof! I set that to happen when N1 hits 11% so you know when you can crank open the throttle. I did have it set to happen when actual ignition happens but decided to leave it at 11% more as a reminder for when you can introduce fuel. For some reason it just felt better that way to me.

I can’t wait to see the paint and would love to see a YouTube video of it as well!

I can’t wait to get this new update out too!

Happy holidays!