FlyInside launched biggest MSFS Bell 206 so far

Version 2.06 is out. And, before you start wondering, no, it’s not a whole new version, coming from 1.99. We are used to seeing a version 2 as a whole new product update (sometimes a whole new product at all) but this is not the case.

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I’d REALLY LIKE to buy this helicopter, but their site has a pricing bug, and I can’t seem to get their attention.
You see, they are offering it currently for $US37.95, which is fine, but when I go to the “buy” page, this is immediately translated into $US41.75, although I am ordering from Australia.
No problem, I think - they just have the currency naming wrong.
Well, no, because when I bring in the heavies (PayPal) that 41.75 gets translated into nearly $60, when it should be just a little over $50 Australian, whereas it should be significantly less than that by my calculations. I think that they probably have the same problem with other “$” currencies, as well, as it appears to be the case for NZ and Canada, as well.
I know that this isn’t your problem, but if there is any way for you to get this feedback to them, I’d be very grateful.
I’m a pensioner, so every dollar counts to me, but I would really like to have this chopper in my collection.
Thanking you in anticipation for any help you can render to get them to look at their ordering process.
John Glossop

Try reaching out to them on Discord. It’s probably the best option.

Responding to your first response:

This is where I saw the price…
and this:

is where I saw the price charged for the chopper. Note that if you set the country (flag and nation above, right) to Australia or New Zealand, you’ll see the same price as I did. Canada also shows $US, but I don’t know about other countries that use the $ symbol. I THINK it’s translating into the local currency, but not changing the currency on the ordering page, so it’s treating the order value as still being in $US (instead of $AU), and is applying the inflated figure to the price.

Yeah seems like some mixup in the exchange rate or something like that, John. Try reaching out to them on Discord. It’s probably the best option.

I’ve had a response from someone named “Dan”, who tells me it’s the application of Australian GST (!).
I can’t see it here, but from my reading of the tax law, Flyinside would have to have at least an agent in Australia if they are going to charge Australian GST, and if they are going to add my GST, then at LEAST they should remove any similar taxes that they are collecting for other purchasers who have an address in the USA.
I don’t actually understand why they are charging GST, while the same product sold on Microsoft Flight Simulator wouldn’t attract such a charge.
Sorry, in my old age I tend to get a bit crotchety when I come across outliers like this site, where they use a company that may or may not be reimbursing GST to my government, and where if I had purchased the goods from another source, it would have been less expensive, without the GST piled on.

I understand, John, but, unfortunately, I can’t really help there :frowning:

I know their 206 is now available at the Microsoft marketplace. Could you try getting it there? I’m sure it will be easier for you.