FlyInside announces helicopter for MSFS, with integrated flight dynamics

On a surprise announcement on the Flight Simulator forums, the team has indicated that they are working on the Bell 47 and that we should expect “eye-pleasing modelling, realistic helicopter flight, and systems”.

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I am very surprissed about this.
I have the flyinside simulator and there it is still not availible.
Strange that they will release it first on MSFS and not on there own platform.

Not available for either sim yet, but we’ll be launching this helicopter for both FFS and MSFS simultaneously! We’ve developed technology to develop aircraft within FFS and export to other simulators.

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FFS has a pretty decent helicopter flight model, they put a lot of work into it when the sim was in more visible development. This is definitely one to watch, great choice of chopper too, proper classic.

This is very surprising and exciting…Keep us updated.

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You know I will :slight_smile:

Too bad I use so many sims that its hard to fly them all.
That’s why Flyinside Simulator is gathering digital dust on my hard drive.
Will be dusted of when Bell-47 arrives in my Hangar.