Flying from my garden

when you give a map reference for takeoff in FS if it is not a recognised airport it starts you in mid air at a safe height. Great for fixed wing but with the Bell47 by the time the engine has run up you have crashed. Any ideas please?
Also the old Battersea helipad on the Thames in London is not recognised - [Code OACI - EGLW]
Early days for helis…


Hi. It’s possible to start in the mid of the air. I did this a couple of times.

First you start as soon as possible to bring the nose down of the Bell 47 (dive towards ground). Then the engine and rotor rpm do not have high load and can increase. You just have to watch on the airspeed to not exceed maximum airspeed. Then, when the rotor and engine rpm are up, you can slowly pull-out the heli.

I’ve made a short video real quickly to show this approach