Flying advice B206

When flying I am struggling to keep level flight, I seem to be able to control the helicopter ok but when it comes to cruising my helicopter is dropping slightly to the left. This May be normal but probably not comfortable for passengers. When I have flown in helicopters they have all seemed to be level. Not sure if I change with anti torque, any advice appreciated.

That’s the way it files in the sim. You cannot do anything about it and I worked endlessly to try to level that out. As the sim and FM tools advance with Asobo SDK updates then we can revisit that. But yes, it IS normal but slightly over simulated.

Thank you for the response, much appreciated.

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A group of us were flying earlier today and everyone seem to notice the left tilt (or list) in the 500E as well as the 206. I tried to add a passenger (ballast/weight) to the right seat but it did not help much. Someone in our group mentioned it may be an Asobo issue. Thank you for clarifying that and I hope a solution comes in the near future. Otherwise, I and many others are having a blast with your current products and are looking forward to your future developments.

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