Fly Inside Bell 47 for MSFS

Were can I buy this I looked in MSFS and don’t see it listed

It’s supposed to be released tomorrow. You’ll be able to buy it here.

Thanks I hope it was worth the 156 GB install of MSFS

That’s always relative. I think it is. I am enjoying MSFS now and I wan’t even using it before with the exception of the occasional H135 testing.

We are now live and selling her here =



Got it thanks

I am ticked this is blocked by my computer as unsafe “FlyInsideBell47Gv1.exe was blocked because it could harm your device”

What AV ? We can look into this immediately for you.

Dan has emailed you direct.

And for others having similar problems =

Thank you for purchasing the Bell 47! You should be able to hover over the download, and see a “…” which allows you to keep/open it. The file is safe, just unrecognized.

If that doesn’t work I would try a different browser like Chrome or Firefox. In a few days these warnings will go away as people download and the file becomes recognized by microsoft, antivirus, etc.

Yup got it working with Dan’s help. I am not a computer guy just a 69 year old retired trucker with a dial up phone on his desk thanks.

Any help you need just shout :wink: