Fly Inside Bell 47 for MSFS

Were can I buy this I looked in MSFS and don’t see it listed

It’s supposed to be released tomorrow. You’ll be able to buy it here.

Thanks I hope it was worth the 156 GB install of MSFS

That’s always relative. I think it is. I am enjoying MSFS now and I wan’t even using it before with the exception of the occasional H135 testing.

We are now live and selling her here =



Got it thanks

I am ticked this is blocked by my computer as unsafe “FlyInsideBell47Gv1.exe was blocked because it could harm your device”

What AV ? We can look into this immediately for you.

Dan has emailed you direct.

And for others having similar problems =

Thank you for purchasing the Bell 47! You should be able to hover over the download, and see a “…” which allows you to keep/open it. The file is safe, just unrecognized.

If that doesn’t work I would try a different browser like Chrome or Firefox. In a few days these warnings will go away as people download and the file becomes recognized by microsoft, antivirus, etc.

Yup got it working with Dan’s help. I am not a computer guy just a 69 year old retired trucker with a dial up phone on his desk thanks.

Any help you need just shout :wink:


Hi Tony,

Just a tip about putting your aircraft on stores in general. The most frustrating thing for me, and the #1 reason I will pass on buying something, is that I spend all my time in the cockpit view but almost all the photos only show me 3rd person images of how shiny and cool the model looks.

I passed on the 47 yesterday because of this, but I’m glad I saw this thread today.

I’m in the cockpit, I need to know what I’m going to be looking at for 99.9% of the time I’m using your product, not the 0.1% of the time I spend looking at it while sitting on the ground (that’s almost the only time I go 3rd person).

Here → of the 17 images, only one is from the pilot’s view. The only other interior shot is from crotch level. I know there’s not a whole lot to show on a 47, but a couple of images looking around from the pilot’s POV would be nice.

And please don’t feel picked on. Everyone seems to do this, and it’s always frustrating when I’m trying to decide to buy or not.

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I’ll take any view/position/angle you’d like if I can help in that way, just let me know and I’ll grab you some screenshots. But a very good point and we will change this is in the future.


Heya Tony,

I figure instead of trying to explain it, let’s pretend I’m looking at a listing for the H135 on something like SimMarket or the MSFS Marketplace. I might glance at the external shots for curiosity or entertainment, but what I make a decision on is what I’m going to see when flying the aircraft because that’s how I’m going to be spending all my time.

I want to know:

  • Are the panels cartoonish or detailed right down to scratches and texture bumps on the surface?
  • Do the gauges have reflective glass?
  • What’s the visibility like when I look down?
  • Are the toggle switch labels crisp and easy to read or blurry from low res textures?
  • Etc…

Here are the images that would help me make a buying decision.

And thanks for listening!

hope this might help