FlightSimExpo to announce initial list of exhibitors soon

The 30-minute video, created in partnership with FSElite, discusses the event and Diamond Sponsors before revealing the initial list of exhibitors.

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This is an interesting setup Sergio, I like it! Much better to have all the chatting in one place than comments on articles separate from the forums. thumbs up

I guess nobody knows where this expo will be for 2021? If it’s in Florida there is a small chance I may be able to attend. If it’s any where significantly North of Florida near the East coast I’ll be there for sure!.

Glad you like it, Trip. I thought it could be weird at first but it can actually get people’s attention to the articles and to the comments. I like it better this way now as well.

We don’t know where FSE 2021 will be, no. Chances are it may be in Florida (perhaps they will jump from Florida to Las Vegas and vice-versa annually). That information will only be given us either at the end of this year’s edition or afterwords.

My first reaction was “this is weird”, but after thinking about it for only a minute I decided it was a great idea. =)

Yes I hope they do alternate between the two at least. My favorite setup for conventions like this is when they have four or more regions and rotate them so there will be one in reach at least every few years.