First official vertical flight aircraft coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator

As helicopters seem to still be slated for 2022, Microsoft is bringing something else to the sim that does take of and land vertical and it hovers, but it’s fueled by electricity.

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This looks like the first step, even if it is electrical and have more than 1 rotor, looks like things are getting in.

The principles are the same for this than helos, so seeing how this one works would be a step forward to check what’s the future for the helos on MSFS.

Let see if it flies like something lifted by rotors or is just a flight model adapt like seen on the H135 for example…

A flight model adapt like seen on Early Releases of the H135. Now it has a heli flight model injected into MSFS.

And for real helicopters, some interesting things have been said during the developer Q&A of October 20th : Developer Q&A Twitch Series: October 20th, 2021 - YouTube it’s beginning at 52’.