EC130 - couple of issues

really like the new heli. i am having a couple of issues.

(1) the shadows created by the rotors are a little too much. they move super slow and make me feel like i am watching a running fan through a malfunctioning strobe light. once the rotors are up to full speed, i don’t think i should have to suffer through a flicker fest like this. would it be possible to have a switch to turn those effects off completely?

(2) i own all the cowan helis. this one seems to really misbehave once it gets into ground effect. hard to explain but it just starts tipping side to side and front to back very easily, with little-to-no input from my controls. not sure what’s going on. any suggestions to mitigate would be greatly appreciated.

one more issue. i can’t seem to change the barometric pressure on the g3x main panel display. the rotating knob doesn’t do anything (inside or outside rings)

also i seem to be having a problem with the interaction between the tds gtn750 and the g3x - i input a flightplan into my tds gtn unit and it doesn’t appear to have translated over to the g3x (notice no nav data in the data strip at the top of the display and no course needle on the hsi)

quick note on item 2 from my original post (ground effect issues)

i spent a bunch more time in the heli over the past couple of days. i am finding that making very, very small inputs both on the collective and cyclic has helped a lot. this heli feels very sensitive to those inputs when close to the ground, more so than any of the other cowan helis i have. maybe it’s something i need to get used to or maybe it’s a little overtuned? i don’t know but i wanted to make note of it here