Dumb question about MSFS MarketPlace

As title says, stupid question, anyone ever noticed or knows, usualy how long it takes for a model to be available on the Market Place in MSFS? I can’t wait to try the new sexy 222B.

That depends on the back log Asobo and MSFS have.
In the development update they give there is now a section on the amounts of work they have.
They do flag now items to push them forward.
However their critirica are unknown.
My advise is waiting as does CowanSim

It’s been one to two weeks lately. But every developer is in a different priority group. I can speak only for me. The 222 will be available in the marketplace this coming Thursday.

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Thanks for the Reply!

Oh well, i know where some money is going for me on Thursday, a new addition to my CowanSim helicopters collection in my Hangar :slight_smile:

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Great news! I am enjoying the md500 very much and I will definitivly try the 222! Thanks for pleasing the Magnum/Airworlf generation!

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