Doubts regarding the H125

Hello, I would like to congratulate the CowanSim team for the excellent aircraft!

I’m no expert on H125 but I would like to know if this is correct:

- Is it normal for the engine to start even with Fuel Pump OFF?
- The same for the Rotor, is it normal for it to turn even with the brake on?

These are the things that happen in the squirrel and I was in doubt, and if you allow me, I would like to ask if wipers will be added to the H125, the aircraft is already fantastic, but a few details will make it even more superior!

Thank you!!

Yes, engine will start without the boost pump on. But you should always use it.

The rotor brake should not be engaged when starting the engine. The real one has a switch that will not allow starting when the brake is engaged. Maybe I forgot to add that code.

I will look into adding wipers someday.

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