Dont get riped off

To all and every one who may be considering buying from “Komodo Simulations” i sent them £1,256.00 on the 4th July 2020 and as of to date 19th October 2020 not had any goods or information no email would like to hear from any one who has had or are having the same problem


Sorry for the late reply to your emails, I have now replied. Covid has caused us some major delays with getting parts delivered and some parts no longer being produced and having to find replacement ones. I have started building and hoping to get your order finished early November, or I can give a full refund.



Re: “Don’t get rip off” I’m Please to say that KomodoSim replayed to this comment next day with a full refund. I’m very disappointed not to have used there hard ware as was looking forward to as its seemed to be the best? But after Paying a lot of money and being charged twice for post even after ordering both parts together? then no communication for 4 months i fell i was justified in thinking it was yet another web rip off. I was wrong in this case and even though KomodoSim offed me a possible delivery date I had Loss all faith in them. I thank them for the refund .