DIY None Centering Cyclic

Hello all,

I’m in the early ideas (Not yet planning) of making a DIY Cyclic, I currently have a Thrustmaster Warthog which is great but does get somewhat tiring to use for Helo flying. Current idea is to get a 2nd Warthog base, floor mount it and have a gooseneck extension.

I want it to feel realistic and hold in position when released so i’m thinking 2 hydraulic dampers near to the base of the extension to achieve this.

Has anybody else done anything similar? Is my idea total rubbish to can you see it working quite well?

Previously created a DIY Collective which uses a hydraulic damper and it is amazing.

The below sketch illustrates my idea, by no means perfect but that’s what I envision in my head at the minute.

Looks pretty good to me! I’ve had a similar idea.

You might want to also incorporate some physical stops as part of the dampening system so you can’t inadvertently apply too much force to the base at the extents of motion.

You might also want to put them inline with the axis they are dampening, otherwise it will always be applying a torque moment to the stick when you move it.

I’m a bit late to the show…but check out this Warthog mod…I tried it out today and it’s truly a game changer.
I have a Warthog joystick and base,…with the Virpil extension in between. With this mod I could remove the springs and my stick remains in any position,…no trim needed anymore.
Here is a short clip of the modifications needed. It is a bit finicky to get the washers in the right place, but it is absolutely worth it.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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