Cruise speed and NG limited

While the 222 is definitely no Airwolf (har har), I’m having a difficult time getting it to cruise any faster than about 110ktas. Is this right? Everything I can find online says I should be able to expect a max cruise of about 135 knots.

In addition, it seems that I’m always limited by NG rpm, rather than torque or MGT like basically every other helo that I’ve flown in the simulator. I don’t know if this is realistic or not, but I do find it odd that I can’t hit even 80% of the MGT limits at the worst of times before first hitting NG rpm limits. Is this intentional behavior?

For clarification, I’m running the standard, non-experimental flight model.


Hi there,

You are not mistaken :slight_smile: I had the issue of too much power, like Airwolf style power, early on. With that I had to make a lot of adjustments which kind of set everything off. This will all be balanced out when updating. It needs a tad more fuel and then all the numbers adjusted to behave correctly.

Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

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Are there any settings or planemaker tweaks I can help you test out?

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Power was adjusted in the last update :slight_smile: The rest is just dialing in the numbers for animations. Real world numbers don’t work at all. Something I figured out early on. Feedback is getting it even closer to real world behavior and these are all adjustments I can manage within the object files and their animations. Thank you though :slight_smile:

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