Cowansim 500 MSFS Dismount Doors

Hello everybody.
is there a possibility to dismount the Doors completly?
Also I saw in the Internet pictures with “Grids” und the right and left side (not the small ones) and I want to know, if there is a setting to activate/deactivate some features.

Hi there.

You can remove the front doors by clicking the jettison handles or by using weight and balance settings from the upper menu. Same for all options. Not sure what you mean by grids? The bear paws?

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Thanks for the answer.
I dont find the Jettison Handle. Please give me an hint. With the Balace Menue I got it. Great.

And yes. I mean the bear paws.

:slight_smile: Achim

Darn, I thought you meant the H125. That one doesn’t have the handles. Only the weight and balance option. To remove the rear doors the bench has to be on though.