Cowan Simulaton released Bell 222B for MSFS

The last (well, not exactly the last, but you probably know what I mean) model from the Cowan Simulation fleet is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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Thanks to Airwolf, this is the helicopter that made me love helicopters! Great to have it in MSFS.

I had to wait for paypal to fix my account to pick this up, because there was a 2 step auth bug in business accounts that was preventing me from accessing my account for a few months. I own the Cowan 206B3 and 500E, both of which are fun, but like you it’s the “Airwolf” 222b that I remember from my childhood which really gives me fond memories.

I’m a fixed wing sim pilot and twin props are my go-to; helicopters have always felt like a uncontrollable flying brick that’s always fighting you, and a chore to fly. Sometimes it has been fun like the huey in DCS, but even then more times than I can count, I’m watching my rotors fly off LMAO as I plummet to the ground for doing a maneuver I shouldn’t be doing.

Paypal finally fixed my account and today I picked up the 222b. My view on Helicopters has changed. This model has made me fall in love with the fight against the flying brick. It needs far less footwork, and is incredibly responsive.

The first thing I did was take off from Tweed, and head down the 95 corridor, about 15 feet above the ground and follow it in between the trees at about 135knots. I didn’t say i couldn’t fly them, just the stress was not my thing. Five minutes into the flight I had to pause it and find the airwolf theme song, the grin on my face couldn’t be wider. Almost 10 more minutes of flying at ground level with this bird screaming down the highway, trees on either side, I realized anything with twin engines that flies is just pure fun. You don’t always need the extra power, but when its there its noticeable and when you don’t have it you wish you were flying a twin.

The flight inevitably ended with me crashing into a tree, because that was going to happen regardless. It’s still a helicopter, she is going to fight you tooth and nail, like a scorn woman holds a grudge, but man she is fun to fly. I say this with NO hesitation, the 222b is the MOST FUN I have had flying a helicopter in ANY sim, and I own a LOT of them as I have been flying in sims for around 35 years.

Down the road I look forward to damage being modeled, in that when you take the 206B by the same dev and crash it into a tree, you will get a sim reset. Unless this is modeled after the TV show airwolf where the 222b can be hit by missiles, shot to hell, and keep going, there isn’t any way to break it which needs to be addressed. I am not obviously trying, but unlike the other helis Cowan makes, you can roll this over in a forest, upside down in the trees, and then keep going without it saying damage has been done and making you start again.

Obviously I only fly without assists and I use full damage; In fact I even make my 5 and 10 year old nephews who I’m teaching to fly fix wing do it without assists; I don’t let them “cheat” because I don’t want them to learn bad habits. I don’t think aboso has a good enough damage model to allow for stress of the rotors be taken into account for damage, but hitting trees causing a sim reset should be something thats added in the future as they have it in their other models. I know this is a work in progress and gladly paid full price to support the project.

Anyone on the fence, pick it up and seriously enjoy the machine. I’m (clearly) a little off my rocker but to me a twin engines are just in a different class vs singles. I have to say flying the 222b WILL make you a better helicopter pilot, in fact after just 15 min of low flying at speed with the 222b, my flying of the 206b has improved as well. IMO the 222b is the perfect helicopter to learn how to fly helicopters, but then again I would say the beechcraft duke turbine is the perfect aircraft to learn how to fly fixed wing.

Thank you! Seriously, the MOST FUN I have had with helicopter; she’s still going to fight ya, but its the difference between wrestling a woman in bed verses a big sweaty man on a mat in the gym. If you are looking for the former than the 222b is your girl, the latter pick up the 500E. Even with good peddles on takeoff I’m spinning the 500E in a few circles as it beeps incessantly like angry TAWS in a bush plane when you are trying to land it on the deck of an aircraft carrier. (Don’t tell me I’m “to low…” you infernal machine :wink:

Thank you for another great helicopter, this is by far my favorite of ANY I have flown in many different sims. Needs damage modeled like your others and Aboso needs to get off their woke A$$ and fix hardware bindings because that’s still an issue (that’s not the dev of this helicopters fault).


it’s the “Airwolf” 222b that I remember from my childhood which really gives me fond memories.

FYI, Airwolf was a Bell222 “A” model. (actually, official, designation “A model” doesn’t exist, only Bell222 and Bell222B … but that’s a detail. :wink:

I say this with NO hesitation, the 222b is the MOST FUN I have had flying a helicopter in ANY sim

Fully agree! :smiley:

Kind regards.

Wonderful add-on! :ok_hand:

Cockpit is excellent and flight model sounds right!
Still some bugs, but as we know, it is still in development process.
Looking forward for updates.

Can we expect someday a more accurate “Airwolf” air-frame modifications with (fake) “turbojet” engines air intakes, blister cowling on the nose and the (fake) air-air refueling probe ?

“Airwolf was painted “Phantom Gray Metallic” (DuPont Imron 5031X) on top, and a custom pearl-gray (almost white) on the bottom, in a counter-shaded pattern”

“Wolfy” (black and white skin included in the add-on looking “similar” to Airwolf) is nice, but not as beautiful as the lady.
Of course, I am not suggesting to make any fancy flight model but just having the same FM than the regular real machine, but with accurate Airwolf air-frames modifications (to play the stunt pilot in Flight Simulator. :wink:).

I can brings more (if not all) details. :blush:

I know it is a long road to get this add-on completed, but it would be sooooooo nice and literally a dream for most (if not all) Airwolf lovers. :heart_hands:

Kind regards!

Hi gents!

Is there any updates planed?
I love that Add-On, but I must confess my little disappointing about the apparent lack of updates/fixes.
Many things are still in a Beta level of development.
Almost one year after my purchase, I hope that she will gets improvements soon.

Kind regards.

Simply … THANK YOU! :smiley:

I am happy like a child at Xmass!