Cowan Simulation shows first image of H125 in MSFS

After the release of the Bell 206B3 and the 500E, people were expecting the H125 would be the next step for Cowan Simulation. Joshua Cowan, the owner of the company (which already grew and Joshua is now working with more people) confirmed that was the next helicopter to come out of the virtual factory.

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I hope the modelling is wayyy better than their bell 206 with PlayStation 3 level of detail in the cockpit… The polygons even look like they were not aligned properly by the junior modeler who did it…
We are in 2023, there are no excuse for 50 dollars addons to feature lower graphics (model and textures) than the default asobo helicopters !

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Yeah, can’t say I wasn’t disappointed with the 500E as well, obviously a xplane port and the flight model has issues too.

Think I’m done with buying any more of their addons till they bring their work up to a slightly higher level.