Cowan Simulation released the 500E for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Cowan Simulation continues to port their helicopters to Microsoft Flight Simulator. After the Bell 206B3, it was now time for the 500E, which was just released.

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Full of anticipation I wanted to buy the 500E with the discount coupon from your/Cowan sweepstakes. In the sweepstakes and the Cowan Mail yes stood for all products. When asked by Cowan, the 500E is then probably ruled out, contrary to Cowan’s promises

It was for all the released products at the time the giveaway went live, not for products that were released meanwhile. Perhaps that should have been made a bit clearer.

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I gave it a try, based on the good review of the Xplane version. I find it pleasant to fly, and one of the easiest helicopters in MSFS so far. It’s more forgiving than the two native helicopters or than the Bell 47 from Flyinside, or even the 206 from the same developer (that’s all what I’ve flown so far). I’d say it fly a bit like X-plane’s Bell 407, only more nimble, and a bit more twitchy.
I’d be curious to read the opinion of more experienced pilots. Any review planned for this one?