Cowan Simulation released Bell 206 JetRanger for X-Plane

The Bell 206 may not be everyone’s favorites but for may simmers out there, like myself, it has a special place in our hearts.

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Can’t sympathize much with these Cowans, sorry.

Why tackling models that already exist from top developer dreamfoil ?
and then coming with crappy physics as i hear from others.

if they want to attract noobs with an eye candy preference instead of “flying”,
maybe they should go with Microsoft Flight Game instead?

Well, the thing is that there’s no Bell 206 for X-Plane 11.

The DreamFoil model was made for X-Plane 10 and we have version 12 of XP coming our way. DreamFoil Creations has been absent from quite some time and we don’t know if they are doing any updates anytime soon to any of their helicopters at all.

They were working on a new model of the 206 but that has stopped from what we know. The AS350 update for X-Plane 11 was never released either and we don’t know if any of their helicopters will be updated to X-Plane 12. Hopefully no updates will be needed but, considering how heavily they depend on custom-developed plugins, that’s a big variable. I would hate to lose any of their helicopters. I may keep X-Plane 11 on my hard drive along with version 12 but that won’t happen forever.

The Cowan Sim MD500 does have some issues, which are being addressed on a future update and the Bell 206 is really nice. It feels more stable than the DF 206 but the real JetRanger is, indeed, a more stable platform. The DF flight model was always a bit too squirrely.

I’m glad we have more developers coming into the market, so we can make our choices.

I told Josh Cowan just after he released the 500E, that if he ever made a 206, I’d be first in line to buy it. Based on his earlier models, I knew he’d build a great 206, and it was the helicopter I learned to fly sim helicopters with back in the MS 2003 Century of Flight days.
Josh confirmed the other day that I was indeed the first to buy it, and I don’t regret my purchase for a second. It is hands down, the best 206 on the market. Added bonus, the paint kit makes it a lot easier to customize your personal helicopter. I predict there will be a lot more liveries for this beauty in the near future. I’ve already released two liveries on X-Plane dot org, and I have a feeling there may be a few more coming soon.
I can’t speak to the Dreamfoil version, as it was for X-Plane 10 and I’ve heard a lot of people were having trouble getting it to work for X-Plane 11. I will accept the word of Mr. Costa that it isn’t as good as the Cowan Sim version. Sergio’s word has always been good enough for me.

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