Cowan Simulation next project announced - the MD 500E for X-Plane

After one of the last updates on the 222, Joshua Cowan, the man behind Cowan Simulation, started working silently on a new project. Very recently, though, some teaser images started to popup on their social media (note that there are 3 links in the previous sentence) and a few community members started trying to guess, with some success.

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I absolutely love the freeware H500, and am also concerned by how similar this model is to the freeware version. I would have been a bit more excited if Cowan had chosen the MD 520N model instead with the NOTAR exhaust system (and bit more performance and range).

I don’t share your concern about the similarity to the freeware 500. The update is amazing, but it is an aging addon. There are so few professional XP11 helicopters that any addition will be a successful product.

I do share your sentiments on the 520N though. When I first saw the teaser pics I was hoping for a 600N. There is a definite lack of NOTAR addons with the 902 being the only, severely outdated choice. Once upon a time a community member named Ethan West (Bud38) was working on one for XP/FSX but he sadly passed away from cancer in 2012.