Cowan E500 Anti-Torque "Auto-trim" setting

New to sim and helicopters. I don’t have pedal controls, but love flying helicopter in VR. I’m flying the E500 in X-Plane 11.

My hand controls are smooth and “realistic” (I’m sure the real thing has a little resistance to my movement), and I can establish and hold a hover. But… I’m always slowly turning to the right. In fact, in my forward flight, I’m always compensating to the left to counter this. I know I need to add pedal, but I don’t have any - lol! I hunted around for an auto-trim or setting that would take care of this for me but haven’t found it – any ideas?

In X-Plane 11, the Sikorsky 76B adjusts the torque authority automatically so I magically don’t need to worry about it. Is there a setting I can use for the E500??

Thanks for any help!!

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Hi David.

The S76 has an SAS, which keeps things easier on the pilot. The 500E is more of a hands-on helicopter where you need to keep things under control. There may be an after-market SAS in real life (I haven’t checked it out) but it’s not present in Joshua’s model.

Don’t you have a twist grip or any other axis you can use as the anti-torque pedals?

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Thank you Sergio! Ah… it makes that an executive helicopter like that would have those systems. TLDR; It looks like I need to buy pedal controllers - Logitech has one for $100 or so, yeah?

I’m not using any physical controllers - just my VR controllers. So my virtual hands are actually working the cyclic and collective 3D objects inside VR.

Obviously there are quirks as the VR hand controllers can get weird signals and kind of “stutter” or worse jump. Let’s just say I’m getting pretty good at re-stabilizing a helicopter in sim. And X-Plane is pretty good at simulating those situations, and the heart still races… Whew!

That said, the controller rigs out there (e.g. Pro-Flight Trainer “Puma”) are way too expensive to justify my current level of interest in the hobby (and floor space). Do most people use joysticks between their legs?? How about the collective?

I guess if I’m going to start spending $1K, I might actually see if I can’t get a loan for the real thing.

…which still may come - because omg is flying helicopters fun!!

Thanks for your help!

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I actually use the Pro Flight Trainer Puma, but I used to have an HOTAS. When I started flying helicopters all I had was an old Microsoft Sidewinder stick. It was a single unit but it had a small throttle so it worked.

It all depends on the budget you have and/or the amount of money you want to spend. It can be as simple as getting a “cheap” HOTAS, an intermediate solution which costs more or go full steam ahead and get some helicopter controls.

If you have a budget in mind, we can probably help you make a decision or, at least, point you the right way.

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If you have a 3D printer, and don’t mind a little DIY, you can check out hc625ma’s SimChair MK IV .

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