Controls: Better choice: Apache? Komodo? MaxFlight

Hi Sergio, All
1st thank you for the all the info here and on YT.
Being new to Flight Sim there are various Control options.
Similar to car Sims the reality and feedback is important.
Since you have had a chance to test most of them, what is currently the preferred choice for controls?
Do I need to break the bank for komodo or at my level other companies have reached a very acceptable level ?
Any input is much appreciated
I plan on doing PC, VR, X-Plane/MSFS
Thank you!

It seems that komodo has a bad reputation…heard it on various occasions: discord, some real pilot from the UK on the YTB etc…
You don’t have to buy dedicated helo sim ware. There are lots of good options nowadays. Virpil, Winwing, and VKB both produce good joysticks that have the ability to remove the springs and engage the dry clutch to emulate a simpler helicopter cyclic.
The former two also produce collective controls, while VKB’s Gladiator NXT EVO stick can be used as a “simulated/makeshift/entry-level” cyclic. Check videos on YTB and reviews on this site.
The two Vs also have anti-torque(/rudder) pedals. Also check the Slaw Device and MFG. Or even the Thrustmaster TPR with 3rd party damper mods(*don’t buy their obsolete sticks/throttles)
Both of them sell throttles.
You can build a rig to mount them by all kinds of means like aluminum profiles, wood; or buy from vendors like Monstertech, Foxx mount, Predator mounts etc…

But for a more authentic experience, you’d likely need a good force feedback/control loading stick base, namely VPForce or the more expensive but less ideal Brunner.

What is Maxflight tho, that arcade gaming motion chair thing? well, never heard anyone used it for flight sim. For a motion simulator I guess you can look into Yaw 2 or other motion platforms like dofreality; There are also DIY communities out there with plans. But it’s the niche of the niche. Someone even (re)use motion platforms for car sims.

PS: DCS world is also a good “sim” for playing helo

Thanks for all the feedback, I will look into these companies.
MaxFlight is this AS350-2022 Max – MaxFlightStick Flight Simulator Control Systems

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