Can't start 222b cold and dark

Howdy, just got this helo (2.40) and already running in some problems.

For some reason I can’t get it to start from a cold and dark situation.

followed the checklist by the book, but I feels like the throttle is not introducing fuel at 11% +NG no matter what I try.

When I do an autostart (ctrl-shift-e) first and then stop the engines and go from there, it works exactly like I expect. No problem with introducing fuel then.

(and like the other guy, my rotor brake light also stays red until I hit start eng)



edit: after trying some more, the automated startup thats on the clipboard also doesn’t seem to get it running.

Do you have both the fuel prime pump on and fuel valve open for the engine you’re trying to start? How about both bus interconnect switches? And how much throttle are you rolling on after 11% NG? You should gently keep rolling it on until it hits the idle stop (you’ll hear the click)

Other things to check:
-If you have any special hardware, ensure all fuel related valve or pump switches are open/on
-Ensure you actually have fuel in the tanks
-Check if you have failures enabled. Turn them off until you know it’s not a failure

Thanks about the hardware pointer!

Had some left over fuel thingies bound on my warthog hotas that interfered some how. After disabling the joystick everything went as expected.

Now to slowly make a new profile for this helo

All good for now!


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