Cable guidance for VR headset?

I made a frame based rig for my sim.

How do you manage the cable for the headset?
At moment I would like to add some cable-guidance above the seat, so the question: is there someone who made this allready? And what kind of guidance was used?

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I’ve seen several solutions, including holding the cable from the ceiling. In your case, I would probably do what you’re doing and pass the cable behind the chair and “hugging” the side rail with some velcro up to the computer. I think it’s the safes and cleanest solution.

At moment the cable of my Rift S hangs over my left shoulder and sometimes gets stuck on the seat when moving. The cable then pulls uncomfortably on the headset.
How should a cable loop be hung so that you can still move your head quite far?
My glasses are not yet optimally adapted for use under the Rift S and leaning forward help me indeed to read the instruments. :nerd_face:

I have the same issue with my Rift S. A hanger attached to the seat from above with a decent roller (similar to a flight control pulley) might work.

could this be a solution?

Oh that looks a bit dangerous. You can hit it with your head.

you are right

perhaps it is better with the next planned step.
The BO-105 valve unit is in WIP :shushing_face:

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That looks safer. If you could find a way to sell it as a separate, affordable accessory, it could be an interesting product.

I have a reverb and this has a stiff cable. So I run it from the right side over my lap. So it going down from the headset on the left resting on my lap and goes then to the right to the computer.
I also did this with my orginal Rift.

Yeah the last one was what I was thinking of. You wouldn’t have to make it too beefy, and the cable could run off a pulley so it has some give. My head is often in a swivel but not so much with heli sims.