Hi there, are there many people flying helicopters that use a buttkicker on their setup? I have tried it once and really liked it, was wondering what other people thought of it, if it really adds to the sim experience. Thanks.

I have one under my seat and it makes a great difference, really enhances the immersion in VR. I only use the sound channel to keep it simple, but most aero engines have quite a lot of bass, and the blade slap noise usually comes through too. I added another mini bass shaker to my Warthog joystick and that works very well, because you get engine and rotor vibration through your fingertips.

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Thanks for reply, what kind of chair do you use? Is it attached to the pole of an office type chair with bracket? Or is it the type that needs to be bolted down? Sounds like it works well, will def need to invest in one.

It’s just a normal office chair, I screwed a piece of plywood underneath (there were some convenient holes there) then attached the shaker to that. I used a 3.5mm plug on a curly lead so I can detach it from the amp, which is attached under my desk.

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I cannot fly without buttkickers. I have 2 of them under my chair. Anything with bass (landings, blade claps, gear up whatever…) gives great immersion!