BFDG updates their UH-60 for X-Plane

The UH-60 has always been one of those helicopters that I wish had some more love from the developer. It’s a helicopter I’ve always loved but the BFDG version, although “not bad”, is not exactly stellar.

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Well, I’ve given it a try, and I still have trouble getting the number 2 engine started, and the throttles don’t seem to respond to any input. I don’t know if it’s problems with the model, or if this is a problem with Sikorsky helicopters in general, as I have the same issues with the default S-76. I never seem to have any issues with any Bell helicopters I have, (the 407, the 206, the 412, the 429 and the UH-1.) Maybe I’m just a Bell snob and don’t have a clue about starting Sikorsky’s.
I gave up on cold starts and just start it with the engines running lately.