Best XP R22 for VR

Does anyone know of an R22 for X-Plane that is set up for VR hand controllers? I just bought the Dreamfoil version and realized it’s not VR capable (i.e. no contact points for cyclic and collective). I’d love to know if there is one that I can use with my hand controllers.

The R22 model included with Aerofly FS2020 is superb AND fits your need for vr hand control. Plus if the game goes on sale it’s barely more than xplane modules and includes the EC135 which is also an excellent model.

I know that you are specifically asking about xplane, but the dreamfoil R22 was pretty broken from my experience.

Thanks! It’s good to know there are options out there… how are Aerofly’s fight dynamics for rotary aircraft?

I haven’t dug super deep, but from my IRL time in the R22, it’s certainly very good.

I spend most of my sim time in DCS just because my job gives me the civil/commercial aviation side of things and simming for me is more about doing things I can’t in real life, like fly a hind into combat!
When I want to try things in the R22 I wouldn’t do in real life I either jump in the Frasca R44 sim at work or use the Aerofly R22 if that helps.

Thank you sir - I’ve since downloaded the BigTire R22 for X-Plane, and it doesn’t have a cyclic control point - sad. Also the collective control point acts all weird when I pull up (not sure what’s going on there).

One day I’ll get a Pro-Flight Trainer setup, but it’s not in the budget at this time. So, I’m trying to use the virtual environment to practice with.

I got spoiled with the CowenSim MD-500E which is amazing and 100% VR ready. But, there is no chance I’ll be flying that aircraft IRL anytime soon. Plus, the limitations are way too different to use for R22 practice.

Maybe(edit… IT IS) time to check out a different sim after all. Thanks for your recommendation!