Best Ultralight Trainer for X-Plane?

Up to now I have been hacking around in helicopters in X-Plane. I fly the AOA V22 Osprey, the Pizzagali Leonardo AW-609, the DF Bell 407, the VSkyLabs Mini-500 and the Cabri G2, and the freeware Timber Bell 429 and the Hughes H500.

I just got a Pro-Flight Trainer heli rig and am looking for a really good ultralight or light helicopter model to refine my piloting skills with the new gear. I prefer American-style rotor direction, but am considering anything.

IRL, I might consider learning to fly a Mosquito. The closest thing is the sim seems to be the Mini-500, but not really sure how good the flight model is compared to newer VSL helicopters.

Interested in how what I have compares with the DF S300CBi, the VSL Cicare-8 or Dynali H3. Both the S300CBi and the Cicare-8 got a very high rating here on Helisimmer.

Between all of them, the S300 is, hands down, my favorite. It’s very well done, with amazing flight dynamic, good systems. It’s a very complete package, with several liveries, the ability to

If you get AirSpray ( you’ll get a wonderful set.

I kind of suspected that the S300 might come out on top :slight_smile: Thank you for the feedback. I like that it has floats as well. Sold!

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Glad I could help! I think you’ll love the little thing!

I agree, the S300 is very twitchy but a very good trainer and a very good base for learning to design repsonse-curves for your axis(es)

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