BEST CONTROLS-nice budget

Hello everyone, i’d like tointroduce myself and say thank you for creating and contributing at this forum.
I"m a real pilot and i’m enjoying the experience of flying helos with my VR, but I have thrustmaster controls and it isn’t really enjoyable flying with them, i’d like to get serious controls ( puma, komodo, apache) but I dont know what to get. I have even some doubt aboud the force feel and Trim, do they work like real controls ( push the Trim release and get no resistance, leave the botton and the controls stays where is at).
Thanks already for the possible answers.

I have the apachev2 since 8 month now and I just can say, it is absolutely great!
The apache does not have a force-feedback arrangement or magnet-control, which holds the stick in its position, but they dont need it either (I guess no of the mentioned control has such an electric way of holding the stick position) because it also has no center spring.
The apache has an adjustable friction for all axes and thrust, so you can adjust the force to get it in its position, were it stays untli you move it to another position! So I dont fly with force-trim-release or similar system. This may not be the correct way for all helos out there, but it gives me a very very precise control I wont miss. In addition to the low costs it is a very solid build arrangement, which also allows you customization (f.e I changed the collective to the right hand position in 5 minutes) and combination with chairs or cockpit setups.

Hi there,
I can definitely recommend the Puma controls.
As an added bonus they are about to release a new version which looks even better.
Kinda depends on your budget…you could spend considerably more in order to get the full set of cyclic + collective + rudder pedals.
No force trim, but I don’t find it’s required.
My flying precision in DCS is waaaay better.