BELL 429 and 429 WLG

Hello Guys !
I´m returning to the Flight Simmulators ! But, now, I´m using de X-Plane 11 (in the past, I was using FSX, very differente). I have sure that XP11 will be the best !
Ok, I have looked and find two very interesting Helicopters: BELL 429 and BELL 429 WLG.
I have installed then ! But I beleav that, because my little expireience in the XP11, I have do some mistakes and it´s dosen´t work properly !
For instance: the RPM in the colective don´t go to “fly position”

I´m starting this disccution to ask help ! If possible, if someone have a “how to do” ready, please, let me know or, if not, is there anybody with patiente to help in this discution ?
Thanks a lot and have a good flight, virtual commanders !

Hey Leandro! Welcome to the forums! Please check the manual of the Bell 429 as you need to properly assign the throttle axis, by means of the menu you can find on the top of your screen. It’s an easy step but makes all the difference.

Let me know if you need any more help; or if you want to get together for multi player or even some basic instruction. I am on both Teamspeak and Discord; PM me if interested.