Bell 222 paints

Hi there folks!

I made some liveries for this bird and you can find them at

Here’s a ready made search link for your convenience:

Also, in case anyone from Heli SImmer reads this post I hereby give consent for you to host the files here as well since requires people to log in in order to download files.

I was going to upload them to this site but the process seemed a bit cumbersome because I don’t have any personal storage space on the internets and I figured it’s easier for any staff to just nab them off of the site since I’ve already uploaded them there. So I’ll leave that up to the fine gentlemen at this eminent site to decide if they want to host them for the convenience and easy access of the community.

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@Scarp1 I just looked through those liveries and awesome! I love them! :slight_smile:

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@Scarp1 are you on the Facebook groups? The would love to see to :slight_smile:

No, I’m not a facebook’er. I’m a simple man :sunglasses:
But feel free to share if you like :slight_smile:

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@Scarp1 Will do :slight_smile: Cool stuff

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I just wanted to say thank you Capt. for including the paint kit with this bird. It was a big help finding the parts that I wanted to paint. Those who know me, know I like my green helicopters, (or as Skye from Hovercontrol once said, “A proper lawn dart should be green.” as he chided me for my amateur attempts at hovering back in the old Hovercontrol days.)
Anyway, enough rambling. Love this bird, even if it’s not the 222B of Airwolf fame. Getting through the start up procedure is an ongoing learning curve, but I’m getting the hang of it. She definitely wants a steady hand on the cyclic and will bite you if you aren’t watching. I know I must be doing at least something wrong though, as the master caution light keeps coming back on no matter how often I reset it.
Thanks again, awesome helicopter. Well worth the price, and then some.

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Sweet job Scarp1. Looks like I’m going to switch over to Mercy Air for a while, very nice!!

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@Dennis Thank you so much for the feedback! The 222B will be coming and I hope by the end of the year. You’re not doing anything wrong concerning the caution light. For some reason it comes on randomly and I have to dig into planemaker to figure out what settings are causing this. It could also be in my code. Either way this is on the list to fix. It gets annoying, I know haha. Have a good one and thanks again! :slight_smile:

Thanks Capt. I noticed the caution light doesn’t come on as often if I turn on the EMERG LT/INST LT switch, and don’t make any violent maneuvers. Funny thing, as I was looking over Scarp1’s liveries, I noticed we both did the SHS livery, red 222. The only reference I could find of it, was one short YouTube video and a picture taken from the video, so I had to guess on the registration number.
Anyway, looking forward to lots of hours flying your helicopter. It’s become my go to in X-Plane 11.50, (even over the Dreamfoil 407, which seems to have issues with 11.50.).

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I’m having fun repainting this bird but I have a little problem with the aileron. The bottom part can’t be painted separately from the top part. On the pictures bellow, the bottom part should be beige but it can’t be made. :disappointed:
Would it be too much trouble to fix it in a future update?
Love this bird by the way. Hat’s off Cowan.

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@DarkAngel I’m going to add this this my list of updates. Thank you for the compliment! :slight_smile: Happy flights!!!

Thank you. It’s much appreciate. Just love this bird.

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