AW139 by Carlos

@SergioCosta I don’t suppose you know whether Carlos is likely to release a final AW139V2 at all including other models?

I only tag you as I don’t think he is on this forum and I thought you might have contact with him.


I know Carlos has been terribly busy so he hasn’t been able to dedicate time to the project. I can’t really give you a definitive answer, I’m sorry.

Thanks for the reply Sergio! Decided to make my own modification to extend the nose a little and add wire cutters :slight_smile: It’s a bit rudimentary but does the job.

Nice paintjob, Could you possibly share the extended nose model ? On a side note I can’t get the fms to work in regard to the Scratchpad, my fms has a 0. in the scratchpad that won’t delete or allow me to type anything else in. Has anyone else experienced this problem ?

Hi mate, thanks!

Honestly I’m not sure I can pass it on, I don’t know what the deal is with sharing models such as this.

In terms of your FMS issue, from memory that will be an issue with your gauge installation, I think you might need some dll files from Doug Dawsons site. I think the readme details it all.


Thank you, I tried that and it didn’t work for me. I added the line to the DLL.xml and placed the XMLVARS.DLL into the p3d main folder but on startup i am not asked to enable anything and the fms still doesnt type.
i shall keep trying