AW139 by Carlos

@SergioCosta I don’t suppose you know whether Carlos is likely to release a final AW139V2 at all including other models?

I only tag you as I don’t think he is on this forum and I thought you might have contact with him.


I know Carlos has been terribly busy so he hasn’t been able to dedicate time to the project. I can’t really give you a definitive answer, I’m sorry.

Thanks for the reply Sergio! Decided to make my own modification to extend the nose a little and add wire cutters :slight_smile: It’s a bit rudimentary but does the job.

Nice paintjob, Could you possibly share the extended nose model ? On a side note I can’t get the fms to work in regard to the Scratchpad, my fms has a 0. in the scratchpad that won’t delete or allow me to type anything else in. Has anyone else experienced this problem ?

Hi mate, thanks!

Honestly I’m not sure I can pass it on, I don’t know what the deal is with sharing models such as this.

In terms of your FMS issue, from memory that will be an issue with your gauge installation, I think you might need some dll files from Doug Dawsons site. I think the readme details it all.


Thank you, I tried that and it didn’t work for me. I added the line to the DLL.xml and placed the XMLVARS.DLL into the p3d main folder but on startup i am not asked to enable anything and the fms still doesnt type.
i shall keep trying

Hi. I’m Carlos Palacio. For me there’s no problem if you modify and share the aw139 I published. It is totally free and I always wanted it to be as “open source” as possible so anyone could contribute to make it better. I’m quite busy now but Marco Ferrarello is working on it and probably in a few months we have a full version of the AW139. Regards.