AW109 Autopilot

Hi Guys,

I’ve recently revisited my trusty Nemeth fleet. The AW109 still holds up after all these years.

I wondered though, if perhaps we could get a small update to the autopilot? I know we’ve not really had much in the way of helicopter autopilots over the years besides this. But now that Carlos Palacio has managed to incorporate a remarkably realistic AP into the freeware AW139, I wondered if some tweaks could be made to the ND AW109. Namely, the GPS or HDG modes oscillate on the yaw axis rather than rolling/banking to reach the heading. Carlos seems to have sorted this quite nicely in his AP which also uses XML.

It would be amazing if you could give it a small update along those lines.

He’s also included a wonderful FMC but I know that’s not common in many AW109s (although I did see one example with the same avionics as a 139!)

Thanks for all that you bring to our hobby!

Hi Tomash,

We’d rather don’t release new updates/versions for the AW109 as we would sail to uncertain waters with such move.

I agree. Good request. I would add the possibility of managing the autopilot from hardware in the simulation market: saitek, Vrinsight, etc.
Fermin Lopez

I do not understand why?
The AW109 is one of the best virtual helicopters out there. At least for me. Four things would add more value:

  • Update autopilot
  • To be able to manage the autopilot from hardware such as saitek, Vrinsyght (Mpanel), etc.
  • FMC PMDG type. In-flight use IFR
  • Integration of Navigraph charts (Jepessen)
  • A 2D panel

Thanks and regards

Fermin Lopez