Asobo / Microsoft Coding

Hi Josh

Firstly let me start by saying a big thank you for your time in creating and developing superb helicopters for MSFS. Although I haven’t purchased one (YET !) I read the various reviews and comments here.

I understand you are waiting on updates from Asobo with regard the throttle issue that exists on your helicopters - this is actually the main reason I have held back from purchasing as I do have the collective hardware with twist throttle and don’t want to break immersion by having to use the VR controller to operate the twist grip.

I was wondering if you have had any feedback from Asobo / Microsoft teams as to the timescale of fixing this important issue with helicopters ?

Keep up the great work, as soon as a fix available credit card winging its way to you.

All the best - Chris

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Thanks Chris! The throttle/governor issue was supposed to be fixed with this last sim update. But I still have to update them in April. From what I know now is that the governor can now be shut off with code or the bindable. But the throttle still blows past the green. I will know more in April and report back. I might be able to code it and make it work correctly but the beep switch still seems to be an issue.

Thanks for the Information Josh. Let’s hope Asobo issue a fix soon or you manage to work some clever code into your helicopters. Best of luck - Chris

No problemo! This was a HUGE requirement for me as well. I think we will slowly get there.