AS350 over powered

I love the 206 and the MD500 but sadly the H125 is nasty
it has far to much power even turning controller settings right down its almost un controllable
also the right skid is far to low the helicopter even in a hover is sitting at a 45 degree angle…

edit i thought something isnt right it should be left skid low not right

Indeed, I remember having these issues with Dreamfoil’s H125 in Xplane. I used an airplane joystick with a small slider for the collective and a twist axis for the anti-torque. I eventually gave up on it.
I gave a try at MSFS Cowan’s H125, and found it easier to fly. But I have a much better set of controls now (Virpil). I found that the cyclic inputs were very tiny, much more so than with others MSFS helos, even with a 20cm extension. I didn’t noticed the low right skid when hovering, at any rate nothing as bad as what you mention. So, depending on the controls you are using, that could be the issue.

Bell 206 and Md500 all hang right skid low this is normal in rl its due to torque drift but as the H125 rotors rotate the opposite way torque drift on this is to the left so it should be left skid low the problem here is to counteract torque drift you need to cyclic right but right skid is so lo so you end up really low. if it was left skid low counteracting torque drift will level you up as per 206 and md500

just checked other heli’s 206 and 500 hang nowhere near as low as this H125 its pretty much a 45 degree tilt to the right while applying left cyclic

I’m a bit confused here, because I had the impression that it was the other way around: left skid low with American helicopters, right skid low with Europeans. But the physics give me kind of a headache, so, I might be wrong.
However: UH-1 Huey Helicopter | I was asked what I mean by "Left Skid Low"
Flyinside B206 and Cowan MD500 seem to hover with a low left skid, even if it isn’t too marked. On the other hand, H125, at take off (irl) tend to get the right skid off the ground slightly after the left one.
Christchurch Helicopters Airbus Helicopters H125 Start up & Takeoff - YouTube
So, a low right skid might be expected after all, but I haven’t experienced anything nearly as severe as what you show in your screenshot. I have no idea what could be causing this.

weirdly today it seems to be acting differently not so much right skid low and far more controllable so I’m gonna see how it goes although why it would suddenly start behaving different i dont know
sometime msfs can be odd

just done some reading seems i was wrong H125 should be right skid low and 206 left skid this is what happens when you start thinking of counter clockwise late at night

That’s nasty backwards. Hehehe. 206 and 500 are left skid low. H125 is right skid low. (Just realized you caught that) I remember an issue with XPLANE and the H125 leaning way too much. It was some user issue they resolved and on the org forums. Not close to 45 degrees though lol. That’s just an exaggeration. That image showing the angle is not right though. There should only be about a 4 degree bank at hover. So that had to be some kind of glitch. The H125 is easy to fly. Easier than the 500. And almost every single pilot of the real life helicopter thats contacted me has repoted that its the most accurate sim of an H125 they have tried. I dont claim that. That’s what the data says. So thats a good thing. There are obvious discrepancies with TOT the first limit indicator and other engine simulation values but as far as handling, it’s an H125.

Also that is 10 degrees lmao not 45. :man_facepalming::sweat_smile: But still wrong. Like said. Should be 4.

heya again, just spent last few days flying the 500 totally love that chopper, the 206 i can just throw all over the place but the 125 def finding it odd its also very hard to slow down its as though its constantly just being pushed around and is determined to accelerate…in the cruise though its the best of the 3 as in its more stable willl go and have another look at it

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Thanks for reporting back! I agree they are all totally different. I dont have the issue with the H125 but the gyroscopic precession is lower than the others. The point was to try to get that squirrel feel that pilots of the helicopters explained to me since I started with the XP version too. I guess its easy to get into “the squirrel dance” with them when hovering.