Arma 3 UH60M, MH60S and soon UH60M DAP

I was tough as a young boy to follow my hart and that is why I am posting this. This mod for Arma 3 hopefully bridge Helicopter simulation with infantry/human player and/or Artificial intelligence on a large scale map. It has a interactive cockpit with basic Navigation and flight management systems. It is still a work in progress and the 2 man Dev team are very good at what they do. I actually wish they would make a chopper for DCS world at some point.


I got to try it and it’s REALLY interesting and cool. I hope they keep on developing it and that they can surpass any issues they find.

We should have a small interview on with the dev team soon.


Woohoo, a blackhawk thread!

I guess this will be a nice place to start sharing work in progress on more minor things that would get instantly buried on facebook.

In the past couple days, besides our regular scheduling of a whole lot of debugging, we started doing some extra work on the crew chief positions:


Fantastic, @Yax! Thanks for sharing.

That was a big reason for creating the forum: stuff gets buried on Facebook really fast.

Is this available anywhere to try out yet? this link will add everything u need