Apache Simulator (helicopter controls)

Anyone who has experience with this vendor and with their hardware?

@Sérgio please test and review if not done already! :slight_smile:


Hi Demetrius. Unfortunately, I don’t have a unit I can use to review.

There is hope. I contacted Apache Simulator and asked to send you a unit for review.

This is their reply:

"We have already been contacted by Sergio, we would love to have a review of him,
we continuously receive positive reviews from our customers and we are sure that we will receive a great review.

We wanted to contact him at the end of this production, the problem is that we have too many users waiting to receive one of our simulator, and we are always slow to produce, so when we finish production and start shipping the simulators, there is never even one left. available to be sent to someone like Sergio who can give us a review.

But this time we are starting a bigger production, so we should manage to send one to Sergio, we will contact him soon. "

Fingers crossed!

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Oh that would be nice. I have contacted them a long time ago, yes. I haven’t heard from them in ages. Thank you!