AOA Simulations released their V-22 Osprey for X-Plane 11

Tilt rotors are always those weird machines that stay in the middle of a helicopter and a fixed wing. They behave like both, being none of them at the same time. AOA Simulations brought the best of these 2 worlds with their V-22 Osprey for X-Plane 11

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I was watching BelGeode’s (the man with the purple hat) Youtube video on the V22 Osprey during the recent holiday period. I was drooling to buy it for X-Plane after the holidays as a bonus late XMAS gift to myself only to discover that it is not for sale anymore. It is in the store but not available.

Does anyone know the politics behind the removal of the Osprey on the store? Sergio maybe there is a story to cover for you.

Are you talking about this model?

It’s odd that it’s taken down yeah…

EDIT: Bel Geode just reminded me that there seems to be some internal conflict in the team and the V-22 seems to be involved in it.

Thanks Sergio. Yes that model. I really hope they resolve it soon.

Yeah. It’s a shame that they had to pause selling it. It’s quite a nice product :frowning: