Addon wheels?

hiya, i was wondering, and sorry for pushing for it, if you feel that way, but…

i’ve seen some users making their own version of wheeled helis (and they’re unwilling to share, grrr lol), wondering if you will make one perhaps some time,as a second model to this… or maybe as a paid addon/mod to the helicopter?

thanks for answering

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Hi there. Cowan Simulation is working on the wheeled version. There’s no date of release yet, though.


thank you for the answer, great news

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Sorry that I just noticed this post guys. Sergio is right! I’m working hard at the 222B and things are going great. As you probably know, the panel is different than the 222UT, so there will be many differences. I’m also working on a more accurate “stock” interior. I hope to have this released earlier than expected. I was shooting for the end of the year but I believe it will be way sooner. For current 222UT owners it will be $14.95. New customers can purchase either version for $24.95 or $39.95 for both. Thanks for the support guys! Happy Flying!

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that’s some grrrrrrrreat news, can’t wait… *insert meme of “take my money” * lol

will be following closely for that

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