About your avatars

Please note that you cannot change avatars at the moment.

We are currently using something called Gravatar, which makes avatars available for those that use this free service.

We intend to let you select Gravatar or upload your own avatar in the near future. Right now, please bear with us and either use Gravatar or wait until we have the new feature ready.

If you need to refresh your avatar, head out to your preferences, edit your profile picture and hit the refresh button.

Thank you.

How I use my Gravatar in this forum once i have created it?

I just edited the post with that information (there was a setting missing).

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All right folks. Avatars are now controlled at the HeliSimmer.com website.

After you login, you can access your account and edit your avatar there. It will work for both the website and the forums.

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I seem to be having some trouble uploading my avatar. It’s within the specified parameters, bigger than 120 by 120 pixels, under 1 MB and it just says, “saving,” but never seems to actually save it.
Am I doing something wrong?

Hello Dennis.

I’m sorry about the inconvenience. There was an issue on the server. It’s fixed now and you should be able to upload your avatar now.